Hydra Titan BA 250ml

Hydra Titan BA 250ml
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Use fast drying Hydra Titan BA to sterilise/disinfect face masks during maintenance testing, training sessions. Use the product on physically clean breathing apparatus/masks to effectively sanitise/disinfect them in between testing or training.


Features & Advantages

  • Use Hydra Titan BA for disinfecting BA sets, masks during training sessions and maintenance testing.
  • Hydra Titan BA is a fast drying 70% Alcohol based steriliser/disinfectant, especially for masks and breathing apparatuses.
  • Use Titan BA to get germ-free masks that are apparently clean with no visible organic deposit.
  • The product is fast drying therefore equipment is ready to use again within no time.
  • Quickly destroys harmful microbes.
  • The quick drying formula does not leave behind any chemical residue on the mask surface.
  • Hydra Titan BA reaches deep inside the mask and offers complete, reliable disinfection. A better option than wipes which dry out fast.
  • Use for dry disinfecting of surfaces that cannot be moistened with the use of water based disinfectants, such as boots, shoes, any footwear, gloves etc.
  • Available in easy to use 250 ml bottles with micro spray heads that allow Titan BA to reach every corner of B.A.
  • Used by fire and rescue department.

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How To Use.

Sterilise breathing apparatus

  • Direct the applicator into the face mask and press the spray head once or twice right into the mouth piece.
  • Do not drench the mouth piece with the liquid steriliser Hydra Titan BA, as this would delay in drying up of equipment.
  • Allow the equipment to dry for one or two minutes.
  • Spray directly onto the article to be sterilised.
  • Wait for one to two minutes until the spray dries up. The article is now disinfected and ready for use.

Full instruction on the product label.


Hydra Titan BA is an iodine based disinfectant with quick dry formula and effective antimicrobial properties. Hydra Titan BA is available in handy 250 ml spray bottles that allow easy application on physically clean masks during training sessions and maintenance testing; where the equipment does not actually come into contact with smoke or organic contaminants. Training and maintenance sessions require testing of gear and equipment by multiple users but does not necessarily involve soiling. In such situation, it is important to quickly disinfect the equipment before next use.

Titan BA is not advised to use under circumstances where the user and the equipment comes into contact with smoke or other organic contaminants.

Hydra Titan BA product is purely a disinfectant. 

Hydra Titan BA is a safe formula and may be used to disinfect most materials. The product does not harm suits, rubber, synthetic rubber, plastics, metals and various other materials that are associated with breathing apparatus. Hydra Titan BA dries off quickly and does not leave behind any chemical deposit on any surface or masks.

Effective product formulation for many risky micro-organisms found in respiratory fluids, that easily transfer from the user to the breathing apparatus. Hydra Titan BA is also effective against various bacteria and virus that cause skin problems.

Hydra Titan BA effective against various harmful organisms including the following;

Algae: Protozoa including airborne spores: Protozoa including airborne spores.

Fungi: Epidermophyto floccomum, Trichophyton interdigitale, Candida Albia's (yeast).

Tubercle bacilli Shield Sonnies, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

Bacteria: Straphyloccus pyogenes, Peudomonas aeroginosa, Staphylococcus aereus, Escherichia coli.

Viruses: Hepititus B, COVID-19, HIV, Coxsackie B, Poliomyelitis, ECHO 6, Herpes Simplex, Adenvirus 2, Vaccinia, Avian Influenza virus A (H5N1) Influenza A2 (Asian).

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Thursday, 18 June 2020  | 

Thank you for your interest in my thoughts. The Hydra BA TITAN sanitiser is a great product. Just a little expensive but highly recommended.



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mask sanitiser Hydra Titan BA
Thursday, 21 May 2020  | 

As a company visiting different schools on a daily basis all engineers have a supply of reusable masks. This is the only solution l could find to sanitise after use. Only used a couple of times to date but happy and confident that its use will keep the mask fresh. Leaves no odour or stain (left to dry in the air)


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