Hydra Black Powder Dye
 Hydra Black Powder DyeHydra Black Powder Dye 

Hydra Black Powder Dye

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  • Packed in 100g water-soluble pouches for clean, easy application
  • 1Kg Treats Up To 30,000 Litres
  • Reflective mirror finish to water
  • Perfect for ponds, lakes, water features & fountains
  • Stops light from reaching the bottom. Inhibits or halts algae/weed growth
  • No pesticides and herbicides, harmless to fish, plants, and wildlife
  • Shelf life 3 years

Orders over 100 Kg will be delivered by pallet. Please be sure you are able to accept a pallet delivery.

Brand:  HYDRA

Three times stronger in comparison to liquid dyes.


  • Packed in 100g water-soluble pouches for clean, easy application.
  • Very strong composition, at least triple stronger than the normal liquid dyes.
  • Instantly provides a mirror finish to the water body.
  • Black pond water is highly reflective. Gives an impressive background.
  • No added pesticides and harmful herbicides.
  • A pair of gloves and a measuring spoon provided with each pack of the dye for your convenience.

Note: Use Hydra Aqua-Brite with Hydra Powder & Liquid Dyes. Do not use with chlorine or any other product unless specified by Hydra International Ltd.


Hydra Black Water Dye creates an amazing reflective mirror finish in the water body, greatly improving the visual appeal of the landscape. Ideal for use in reflection or infinity pools due to its mirror effect producing quality.


The Problem 

Pond weeds, like all plants, algae and many bacteria, use the energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds, most typically, sugars. Without sunlight, photosynthesis could not occur and life as we know it could not flourish. Because they can synthesize food directly from carbon dioxide using light energy, pond weeds are classified as photoautotrophs. Most appear green in colour due to the light-collecting pigment known as chlorophyll-a.

The Solution

Hydra Black Powder Dye is very effective in prohibiting all types of pond weeds and algae’s. By using a non-toxic colorant in the water, you can partially filter sunlight, thereby thwarting the photosynthetic process for many aquatic weeds and algae.

Usage Rates:

  • 30ml Flat Spoon (22g) Treats up to 660 litre (145.2 gallons).
  • 1 g Treats up to - 30 litres (6.6 gal).
  • 100g Treats up to - 3,000 litres (659. 9 gal).
  • 250g Treats up to - 7,500 litres (1,650 gal).
  • 500g Treats up to - 15,500 litres (3,300 gal)
  • 1 kg Treats up to - 30,000 litres (6,600 gal).
  • 5 kg Treats up to - 150,000 litres (33,000 gal). 

*Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only, Actual colour may vary depending on pond water conditions.

Can I use this dye if I have fish in my pond?

Yes. Hydra Liquid dye is food grade dye, and it is completely safe for fish, plants and invertebrates.

My dog sometimes drink water from my pond. Will it be okay?

Yes, absolutely. Dogs, cats, birds, wildlife - this food grade based dye is safe to be used for drink.

Although, if your dog often drinks pond water - be aware of Blue Green Algae https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/blue-green-algae-and-its-dangers-dogs

What happens if we put too much pond dye in our water?

The water will be a deeper shade, and possibly opaque. Over time, rainfall will dilute the colour to the point where it will all be gone. You can also add more water, or partially change water to dilute dye. If emptying the pond is required, the water should be flushed into soil beds – please avoid letting over dyed water get into surface drains or streams. Any water getting into a stream or drain will not be harmful, but it might concern other people if they see odd colour in flowing water - they might report it to authorities as ''pollution''. 

Can water dye leave stains?

Yes, but nothing that can't be washed. It will most likely stain your hands and clothes - that's why it is recommended to wear gloves and protective clothes when using our product. Also, when diluted - it might stain the rock or surface where the water touches, but it is nothing permanent - sunlight will fade any residue.

Can we use more than recommended?

Absolutely! Our recommendation is top maximum that our dye can work and still be visible. Please wait 24 hours before adding more solution to the water, as sometimes it takes time for colour to 'settle in''. However, if you are using more than it is recommended - you can expect colour to be darker, more vibrant and water can seem deeper.

In case you overdo it, nothing to worry about. It will fade out with either rainfall or sunlight, or you can dilute water with adding more water or partially changing water. 

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