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Hydra Guard ACR (Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner)

Hydra Guard ACR (Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner)
 Hydra Guard ACR (Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner)Hydra Guard ACR (Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner) 
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds, Harmful Micro-Organisms & Protozoan's including Giardia Lamblia.

Fast acting cleaner /disinfectant and algae remover for all hard surfaces including concrete, plastics and glass. Leaves surfaces clean sterile and slip free

  • Wide Spectrum Disinfectant for All Surfaces.
  • Compound Effective Against Giardia.
  • Disinfects in one easy operation - Stops infection and cross infection.
  • Animals can be returned to area immediately after disinfection has finished.
  • Rapidly destroys viruses and harmful micro-organisms on all porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria which cause diseases in wild animals, domestic animals and birds.
  • Quaternary ammonium compound, free from harmful phenols, glutaraldehyde, caustics or sodium chloride.
  • Hydra Guard ACR will not damage delicate skin tissue or respiratory tract of any animal or bird.
  • Use in all areas including cages, kennels, runs, vehicles, veterinary surgeries, high risk and quarantine areas.
  • Apply by manual or pressure cleaning machines and through sprayers or fogging machines.
  • Packed in 1 x 5 litre container

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