Hydra Spa-Clean (Spa Surface Cleaner)

Hydra Spa-Clean (Spa Surface Cleaner)

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  • Hydra Spa-Clean is a powerful spa bath sanitiser.
  • Foaming formula penetrates deeply and act as an effective spa oil grime remover.
  • Use in spa baths, Jacuzzis and hot tubs to get sparkling and hygienically clean surfaces.

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • An easy-to-use spa/hot tub oil grime scum remover.
  • Effectively removes soap scum, body fat, and sun oils from spas, Jacuzzis, baths, trays, glass doors/screens, and shower walls.
  • Quick action, directly apply with a foaming bottle and wash off.
  • Pleasantly perfumed with a long-lasting pleasing smell, which stays for up to four hours after cleaning, enhancing your spa/hot tub experience.
  • Suitable to use in all parts and areas of spa baths including shower walls, glass screens, etc.
  • Spa-Clean does not include any harmful components therefore no damage to any surfaces including glass and plastic.
  • Reaches even hard to clean small areas, removes black mould and grime stuck in seals and grouting.
  • Spa-Clean leaves all surfaces in your hot baths, Jacuzzis and spa area shining, slip-free and hygienic.
  • Fast-acting formula removes contamination and disinfects in a single application.
  • Used safely on various spa materials/surfaces such as glass, plastics, vitreous enamel, acrylics, and more.
  • Gives you a safe and hygienic hot tub/spa experience.
  • Available in direct use foaming bottles for ease of application.

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Spa-Clean is an effective degreaser and cleaner. Its deep penetrating foaming action allows efficient cleaning with little effort. Skin releases body fats, oils, and lotions while users experience relaxing spas, hot tubs or Jacuzzis. These contaminants cover the spa surface and make it sticky, unpleasant, and unhealthy. Thus spas and hot tubs, whether at home or leisure/health clubs, hotels and resorts, etc, should be regularly cleaned and maintained to avoid cross-infection and offer a clean surface to the next user. Spa-Clean not only leaves the surfaces gleaming but also disinfects your spas, bath, Jacuzzi, etc.

Even if your hot tub water is completely clean, the inside and outside of the hot tub should not be neglected. Slippery, grime-locked surfaces not only put off users; but also support bacteria and fungus growth in grouts and nooks. Spa-Clean includes an odourless disinfectant that is effective upon a broad spectrum of bacteria and other microbes. 

Easy to use Spa-Clean may be applied directly from our foam/spray bottles. Simply wash off later for clean, disinfected, and fragrant surfaces. 

How To Use: Hydra Spa-Clean

Apply directly from our 1L foam spray bottle. Scrub lightly and rinse the surface.

Precaution: Always test on a small area before treating the stain.

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