Hydra Trak-It Green

Hydra Trak-It Green
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Water soluble - totally compatible with all spray solutions
  • Suitable for all liquid sprayers
  • Indicates spray drift, blocked nozzles and leaks in spray equipment
  • 1 litre treats up to 4000 litres

Features & Advantages

  • Weed Killer Spray pattern indicator green dye.
  • Easily mix with herbicides, so you can clearly see the area you have sprayed.
  • Formulated to mix with other chemical spray solutions like pesticides and herbicides.
  • Spray Pattern Indicator dye used for fertilizers and other agricultural colouring requirements
  • Avoids costly missed striped or overlaps.
  • Compatible with all types of application systems like boom sprayers, knapsacks, high volume sprayers, pedestrian push sprayers, hand lances Mankar and ULV Sprayers.
  • Indicates any blocked nozzles during the spraying process.
  • Cost effective and easy to use.
  • Use at higher rate when darker colour is required.
  • Spray marker dyes for fertilizers and agricultural applications.
  • Minimizes the wastage of costly chemicals by preventing the overlapping.

Note:  Do not use with chlorine or any other product unless specified by Hydra International Ltd.

The very important part of spraying operation is spray dye indicators. It can be used in herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, growth retardant, liquid fertilizer or iron products. It helps to apply the product accurately and uniformly without any missed strips or overlaps. It helps to identify the sprayed and unsprayed areas and also find out the blocked and damaged spray nozzles. The double application of chemical increase the cost and also lead to scorch. If areas are skipped or missed that means that the pest, weed or disease will not be controlled.

Hydra Trak-It Green dye is a bout marker dye and stay for a short term when applied. The treated area stays green for a few days depending on the surface and the colour fade naturally within in 48 hrs. either by rainfall or sunlight. It is environmentally safe and easy to use

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