Nature's Way: Preventing Unwanted Insect Pests In Your Garden

1 July 2022  |  Admin

Encourage Birds And Beneficial Bugs That Eat Pests Into Your Garden.

Birdbaths and feeders are inexpensive and a great way to attract various birds.
Sparrows are great at pest and weed control and they are eco-friendly! They feed on insects on plants and eat seeds, including the seeds of those unwanted weeds! Swifts, Swallows, and House Martins love to eat flying insects such as flying ants, aphids, mosquitos, and hoverflies. They also eat aquatic insects so are great additions to your garden if you have a pond.  To encourage these birds try using an artificial nest: These are usually mounted on a board and can be fixed under the eaves of your home. These birds may not choose to nest in the box, however,  it will encourage them to set up a home nearby. 
For beneficial bugs, try building a bug hotel! These can be made from bricks, timber, twigs, and dried natural material. Just make sure you use dry materials and wood that is free of chemicals and preservatives. Ladybirds and their larvae are highly efficient predators of aphids and other plant pests, such as; Greenfly, Spider Mite, and Thrip. They love to nest in dense, natural materials, so a bug hotel is a perfect home for them. You can buy adult ladybirds online and introduce them to your garden.  Violet ground beetles are the predators of ground and soil-dwelling insects such as slugs, snails, and grubs such as leatherjackets. During the day, they will love living in your bug hotel! Then once night falls, they will come out to catch their prey.  These bugs have super night vision!
I’d love to hear your suggestions for a natural way to prevent unwanted insects in your garden or allotment.
Please leave a comment below and tell me whether you agree or disagree with my suggestions.
Happy Gardening!