Premium Petrol, Cheapest in the UK – Save 8-10p Per Litre

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Premium Petrol, Cheapest in the UK – Save 8-10p Per Litre

Premium Petrol, Cheapest in the UK – Save 8-10p Per Litre!

The recent news of Ukraine and Russia has caused a massive spike in the cost of fuel across the UK. The repercussions of this ongoing conflict have seen a rapid increase, with the prices reaching all-time highs of nearly £2 per litre and the annual cost of fuel increasing by up to £400. This leaves many around the UK wondering if they can still run their vehicles on premium petrol with this considerable spike.

Hydra International has created a highly effective fuel additive for petrol engines called Hydra PIC-24. 

Hydra PIC-24 contains heavy-duty detergents which clean your fuel injectors/carburettors and reduces wear on valves by forming protective layers.  It restores your engine to like-new performance, maximises power and acceleration while lowering fuel consumption, improving combustion, and boosting octane ratings.

These additives allow the consumer to save up to 10p a litre compared to premium fuel at the forecourt; with this current crisis, the price of fuel and the cost of living rising so rapidly, saving money on fuel and increasing the efficiency of your vehicle are top priority for everyone.

Simply add to standard supermarket petrol to create premium grade fuel, as good as the leading fuel suppliers!

Check out our reviews:

      “This product is excellent & you can soon experience the difference, especially when using the cheaper       supermarket fuel. I have a Mazda CX-3 GT Sport & will keep using it as the MPG has also improved.”

     "I was impressed in what the Hydra diesel additive did for my 100k mile Audi Q5. Nearly instantaneously       the performance and running improved, plus my fuel consumption improved by around 10%. So I thought I       would try the additive on my new Toyota C-HR 2.0 Hybrid. The first dose seemed to make no difference to      either performance or fuel consumption. However after the 2nd tank of fuel I started to feel a difference         mainly in mid-range acceleration. The C-HR is a super smooth car anyway so I notice no difference in       general running. But the good news is that fuel consumption has improved from 49mpg to 54mpg, so             about 10%. The additive costs around 3p / ltr treated and if I get an extra 10% fuel economy at £1.60 / ltr it       makes financial sense to carry on using this Hydra product."


Shaun Corcoran
20 May 2022  |  11:29

Have been using the DPB-100 and Maximus products for years. My Passat has nearly 190k miles. No smoke, no hesitation! Would definitely recommend.

23 May 2022  |  15:53

Thank you ! we are glad you enjoy the product.

Ronald Bird
20 May 2022  |  19:32

I am seriously considering using this product for my Skoda Octavia 1.9Tdi Greenline. It's 6 years old and has covered 56k miles. It has up to now given exceptional mileage but recently this has become much worse and suspect the inlet valves are becoming clogged up. Can you advise me on the use of of Hydra DPB-100 to redress this issue and explain how this could work because like all diesels, the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder and not into the induction tract.

23 May 2022  |  15:52

Use 1ml per for the first tank of fuel, then second and subsequent tanks use 1ml per one and a half litre.

Ronald Bird
28 May 2022  |  20:46

Thank you Josh, not the answer I was looking for. My question was specifically asking if this product actively removed deposits from the upstream side of inlet valves?

30 May 2022  |  9:55

Hi Ronald,
Because the exhaust gases will contain DPB-100, it will actively remove soot and carbon build-up wherever the exhaust gases go. I hope this helps.