HYDRA DPB-100: Detergents + Lubricants + Cetane Booster

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  • Kerosene Power Booster contains cetane booster, lubricants & detergents.
  • Protects and maintains all diesel engines.
  • Carburettor anti-icing benefits
  • Safe with catalytic convertors
  • Reduces diesel engine smoke, odour, and all harmful emissions.
  • Cleans injectors, fuel pump EGR valves, turbos, etc.
  • Prevents formation of and removes existing deposits caused by carbon.
  • 500ml treats up to 750L of kerosene.
  • 5 Litre bottle comes with free dosing bottle.


Brand:  HYDRA




  • Contains cetane booster, lubricants, and detergents, including polyetheramine, the latest cutting-edge detergent.
  • Protects and maintains all diesel engines.
  • Prevents corrosion in the fuel system and engine components.
  • Enhances ordinary kerosene, boosting performance and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Safe with catalytic convertors
  • Reduces diesel engine smoke, odour, and harmful emissions.
  • Carburettor anti-icing benefits.
  • The best fuel injector cleaner for diesel engines. It cleans the injectors, fuel pump EGR valves, and turbos, helps keep DPF clean.
  • Prevents formation and removes existing carbon deposits on all internal engine components.
  • 500ml treats up to 750L of diesel fuel.


1st Application Dose Rate: 1:1,000 Use 1ml Hydra DPB-100 to 1 litre of kerosene.
Maintenance Dose Rate: 1:1,500 Use 2ml Hydra DPB-100 to 3 litres of kerosene.


After only 20-30 hours, modern engines can lose as much as 5% of their power and fuel efficiency through deposits building up inside the injectors. These deposits affect the smooth flow of injected fuel, reduces your fuel economy, and makes cold starting of your engine more difficult.

Hydra diesel fuel additive is a specialised fuel injector cleaner, carbon deposit remover, and fuel lubricant that will stabilise diesel fuel.

By utilising new developments in detergent technology, such as polyetheramine, Hydra DPB-100 Diesel Fuel Additive & Injector Cleaner ensures a complete internal engine clean, down to molecular levels.

Existing carbon and unburnt fuel deposits are rapidly removed from injectors and valves, giving the engine an as-new performance.

DPB-100 cleans fuel lines, pumps, injectors, turbos, and EGR valves and helps keep the DPF clean by reducing carbon build-up.


Cars, vans, trucks, buses, trains, boats, generators, earth moving vehicles, military vehicles, etc., 

Including all 2 and 4 stroke engines.

For highly tuned diesel engines, use Hydra MAXIMUS.


The problem with kerosene fuels used in boats, generators, farm vehicles, etc., is that this fuel often remains in the fuel tank for extended periods before being used. As many of us know, this fuel starts to degrade after only four weeks, leading to long-term problems and inefficiencies (in a car, it is usually used within a week or two).

Hydra DPB-100 prevents sludge and sediment formation and reduces oxidation of diesel fuel caused by thermal breakdown. Safe for ALL diesel fuels and ALL diesel engines, including agricultural and marine. Stabilises diesel for up to 2 years (ideal for winter storage).


Modern high-pressure direct injection engines use precise fuel metering through narrow-shaped spray channels. Injector deposits mean reduced fuel flow. 100% clean injectors give optimal fuel spray pattern; this results in a very finely atomised spray pattern. This means that each finely dispersed particle of fuel is surrounded by many air molecules (20% oxygen), ensuring a more complete burn. Giving better fuel economy reduced emissions and improved engine durability.


Hydra DPB-100’s nano-molecular catalyst ingredient introduces additional oxygen to the fuel; this catalyst lowers the auto-ignition fuel temperature, giving a longer burn time. You are now burning all the fuel instead of blowing some of it through the exhaust system, where it will help clog the Exhaust Particle Filter if fitted. The net result is a quieter and smoother running engine with more mpg and reduced exhaust emissions.


Hydra DPB-100 also contains lubricity improvers that decrease fuel pump and injector wear issues; they work in very cold climates and are extremely low in sulphur. They improve the lubricity of kerosene. Test results give an HFRR Wear Profile of less than 300. These lubricants also reduce the friction in the cylinder, thereby improving the coefficient of friction, reducing corrosion and helping improve fuel economy.

Hydra DPB-100 protects your valuable fuel systems and prevents engine malfunction and failure. Protects the fuel performance properties of as well as specifications such as colour, heat of combustion, pour point, and cloud point. It also prevents fuel starvation, and damage to injectors and engines. Can be used in all grades of kerosene fuel.


The digital meter in your car displays the current MPG (Miles Per Gallon). If that figure is lower than normal, then you may have fuel injector issues that can be resolved with an injector cleaner. This lower mpg could be due to dirty fuel injectors.

Hydra DPB-100 gives a much smoother, quieter engine with less exhaust smoke, fuel remains stable whilst fuel consumption and harmful emissions are reduced to a minimum.


Our products are manufactured to the highest specifications at our UK plant, which is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.



  1. Remove filling tube from the bottle.
  2. Open the cap on filling chamber and pierce the seal. 
  3. Tightly fit filling tube onto the bottle, remove closure from the top of the tube and gently squeeze the bottle to fill the filling chamber with product.
  4. Pour the product directly into your fuel tank, repeat if necessary.
  5. Close the bottle with original cap and store upright to avoid spillage.

Pour directly into fuel tank before or after refueling.

Use only for DIESEL FUEL (for Petrol Fuel please see PIC-24 Petrol Power Blast)

1st Application Dose Rate: 1:1,000 Use 1ml Hydra DPB-100 to 1 litres of fuel.
Maintenance Dose Rate: 1:1,500 Use 2ml Hydra DPB-100 to 3 litres of fuel.

Can diesel injectors be cleaned and when can I see benefits?

Diesel injectors can be removed and cleaned, this is normally done by a garage and it is quite an expensive job. A much cheaper alternative is to use a product such as Hydra DPB-100 Diesel Injector Cleaner which when added to your fuel tank, cleans your diesel fuel injectors at home and whilst you are driving. To obtain maximum benefits you should use it every time you refuel.

Do diesel fuel injector cleaner additives really work?

Some are better than others, a good fuel injector cleaner such as DPB-100, will contain the latest detergent technology such as polyetheramine which ensures a deep clean down to molecular levels. 

What are the symptoms of a bad diesel fuel injector and how do I know if I need a fuel injector cleaner?

Signs of a diesel injector that needs cleaning include; bad cold weather starting, black smoke from the exhaust, juddering, and a noisy engine with a lack of power. The easy answer is to add Hydra DPB-100 Diesel Injector Cleaner at every refill, this will keep your engine running at maximum efficiency.

Who makes the best fuel additive diesel injector cleaner for engines?

We believe that Hydra International do, we work with the largest fuel additive raw material manufacturers in the world, these companies supply refineries with tens of thousands of tons annually of their products. This close association allows Hydra International to be at the cutting edge of product development which is necessary as fuel specifications change.

Which is the best diesel system cleaner to use for a van?

A van usually has much higher annual mileage than a car, therefore internal carbon deposits will build-up quicker. We would recommend using Hydra DPB-100 every time you refuel, this will ensure that your engine is always running at optimum performance and economy.

Which is the best fuel injector cleaner supplied in the EU?

Europe is a very large marketplace so there are hundreds of different products available from small to large manufacturers. The best product should be manufactured by experts in this field, their product development should include taking into account Quality, Environment and Safety issues and these abilities should be audited to International Standards, Hydra International is such a company, their procedures are audited to the following International Standards, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Which is the best fuel treatment for diesel systems?

We believe the best fuel treatment for diesel engines will always incorporate the latest detergents, cetane boosters and lubricants, thereby ensuring maximum clean and fuel economy.

Can I use this on my boat heating system?

Yes, you can.

Usually I fill my tank when half empty, does DPB-100 work better on a fully empty tank?

It will not make a difference as long as you are dosing the recommended amount when you refill. The tank must be at least 10% full before you add DPB-100.

Will this solve a black smoking problem?

Yes, when you use Hydra DPB-100 you are deep cleaning your internal engine components, including the injectors, this will ensure that you get a much better, more efficient fuel burn, as your black smoke is actually unburnt fuel.

Is this suitable for bio diesel and veg oil?

Yes, it is ideal for this situation.

How much do I need for a 3.5ton motorhome?

You use 1ml per litre of Diesel e.g. if your fuel tank contains 80 litres, you add 80ml to the tank. The dosing bottles have markings for various volumes.


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