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Sanitising Gels / Liquids

Hand Sanitisers
Surface Sanitisers
Equipment Sanitisers
Water Disinfectants
Animal Care

Reducing the risk of bacteria and viruses from spreading has always been of importance, even more so in the last few years, so having the correct products to keep germs and bacteria at bay is key to keeping yourself, others, and your surfaces clean, sterile, and safe.

Here at Hydra International, all our products within this range have been designed and formulated with you in mind. Take our Hand Sanitisers for example, this was formulated to kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds from application, yet keep your hands soft and moisturised, instead of dry, itchy, and cracked from the constant use of sanitiser.

Protect yourself and others with the help of Hydra International Ltd Sanitising Gels / Liquids range.